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Thread: stockings ?

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    stockings ?

    My brother who had C6-incomplete spinal cord injury in july 2004 has been wearing TEDS stockings since then.he is doing good without stockings apart from occasional swelling in it neccessary for him to continue wearing the there is any risk of DVT.pls do guide me in this regard.

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    TED or other compression hose really don't do much to help with DVT prevention long term (they help a little in the acute period). They are much more likely to be needed long term to maintain blood pressure so the person does not pass out (esp. when standing) and to prevent edema in the feet. They are hot in a climate like yours, but edema also can be worse in a not climate.

    Try going without them, but if he feels faint without them, or has a lot of edema I would recommend continuing with them. Lots of edema puts his skin at risk for pressure and venous ulcers, and it will make him much more likely to diurese (put out a lot more urine) at night than during the day. Knee-high TEDs are usually sufficient for this (thigh high are rarely needed).


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