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Thread: Sharing Uplifting News

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    Sharing Uplifting News

    I wanted to share happy news. My brother-in-law, Meredith has been at The Shepherd Center since the middle of last week. Within days he has made tremendous progress. He is weaned from the vent. and the feeding tube is gone. He can be fed food and after a little more than a month, my sister can hear her husband's voice. His spirits continue to remain strong. I tell you this man is like a hero!! If you all would like to read more about Meredith, his friends have set up a web-site in his honor:

    I will continue to post updates. This board has been a source of support for me. Thank-you.


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    This is great news, Rose. My family will continue to lift up Meredith and await to hear greater and mightier updates.

    God is good, all the time!

    We're from Goochland, VA, just about 30 min. west of Richmond. So please let him know he's not alone.


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