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Thread: L.F.E. Update #2 - SHE WALKED!!!

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    L.F.E. Update #2 - SHE WALKED!!!


    Sarah did it! She walked 10 steps during last Fridays' therapy session!

    The therapist knew right away that Sarah's legs seemed to be stronger thatn the week before. So after doing some exercises, she decided to let Sarah try out a new piece of equipment called an 'Up and Go'. It's really a walker that has a harness attached to some pistons, which all helps her get from a sitting to standing position, and also helps to counter body weight, so that her feet don't have so much weight pinning them to the floor.

    Once she got in and up, she (with great effort, red face and all) was able to take 5 steps with each foot, left & right. The left responds better than the right, and it wasn't pretty, but SHE DID IT. We gotta start somewhere.

    Miracles do happen, and theres hope for all of us.

    Gods grace to All of Us,


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    Amen brothah.

    If I were you I would try to find suspended treadmill training for her or build one at home. The potential is there. I'm happy for you all. Thanks for the good news.

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    Congradulations, that sounds wonderful, I bet she gets plenty of return back.


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    What is this piece of equipment called an 'Up and Go'? It sounds like something I have been looking for to walk around the house more.

    Hope she continues to improve.

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    Great news. Keep up the good work, Sarah!

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    this is the web site for up and go

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