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Thread: HELP --- We need advice in selecting a highly recommended SCI Rehabilitation Center

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    HELP --- We need advice in selecting a highly recommended SCI Rehabilitation Center

    Hi again. This is my 5th post to ask questions regarding my stepson,Todd, who has a C5 SCI from a surfing accident in Maui, Hawaii since Jan. 8, 2002. He still is ICU. He will remain there until he can eat solid foods and breathe on his own. He has sensory feelings under his injury level, but no motor control under the shoulders/biceps level. Today he sat upright for the first time. We are looking into rehabilitation options. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of "The Rehabilitation of the Pacific" in Honolulu? We are considering Todd beginning his rehabilitation there, to get his strength up and to begin his physical therapy before being flown to Dallas, TX. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of 2 facilities in Dallas:

    1. Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation
    2. HEALTHSOOUTH Rehabilitation Center

    What advice could you recommend to us to help us choose the right facility for Todd? Do some facilities provide more innovative techniques which increases the bodies ability to get motor control back? Which facility would you recommend for Todd and why? What is the average length of stay for an in-patient in a rehabilitation center with a C5 SCI? How long could we expect Todd to remain in ICU? My husband thought there would be more progress by now. Do you recommend any advice what we can being doing to assist Todd getting stronger now? Tomorrow, a physical therapist is supposed to be spending time with Todd.

    Please feel free to advise us on anything that could help us plan for Todd's choice of rehabilitation facility or what now we should be doing to help Todd get stronger? Thank you again for all of you who have answered my posts. Our family is so appreciative to all of you.



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    Please see our website at We are currently working with several clients with the same injury. Feel free to email our director Ted with any questions. He will be happy to provide you with our clients email addresses so they can answer any questions you may have of them.

    Project Walk

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    I went to Baylor and I would highly reccomend it over healthsouth. They were really good for me, I think they're more up to date on stuff and the therapists and staff are extremely nice and they have good equipment and everything. Its been almost four years since I was there but I go back every once in a while to visit and its still the same. I knew a guy who went to healthsouth but Ive never actually been there, but when I was injured I was told the two best places anywhere close were either Baylor or Craig hospital in boulder,colorado. The only thing I didnt like was they have to be real "realistic" about everything and they try not to give you false hope, but I have seen several people walk out and Im sure they have to have the same attitude at most places. Our injuries sound about the same and I live in the area so if you have any questions please email me or i'll give you my phone number I'd love to help in anyway.

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    I dont believe Project Walk is a recognized rehab facility. I dont understand why they are being allowed to advertize here. We get enough scam from other places I dont want it here. If some one wants to post there personal experience that's fine but not sme one who has a vested interest.

    I looked at Project Walks website and while I can see they do intensive physical workouts with patients that have some motor and sensory ability below the injury level, I dont see anything that tells me their patients have a better result than at other rehab facilities.

    I know this intrudes on Jan's post and I apologize but I have seen too many friends invest thousands of dollars in "therapies" only to receive a lot of work with marginal amount of return. I have never been a proponent of spending thousands of dollars so that an SCI can pseudo-walk only to revert to using a chair because it is functionally better and caused fewer broken limbs from the resulting falls. I am not arguing with anyone who wants to stand or even try to walk but dont buy into this as a therapy that has proven results with hundreds of satisfied long-term patients.

    Go to a good rehab facility that has a staff trained to deal with SCI and all the potential problems of sores, cathing, and getting back into the community. Go for as much improvement as you can get and ask for more than the docs and PTs think you need because they are people and sometimes dont push you hard enough.

    My daughter was an exercise physiologist with a specialist in sports medicine before she got her certificate as a physicians assistant and she agrees that intense therapy can be very helpful to regain strength and use of muscle but doesn't take the place of treating the entire individual.

    Sorry for the interruption

    Joe B

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    Thank you JoeB - I had the same thoughts, but couldn't back them up.

    Jan, go to the 'doctor' forum, and look at the list BirdeR posted; these are all accredited rehab centers. Joe's advice was right on!

    As far as how long your son will be in rehab, no one can really say - depends on how he's doing, showing progress, no setbacks (like infections, etc.), and - of course - money. My son was on Medicaid, and at first I was terrified that they would boot him out of therapy; it turned out that he was in rehab for five months, much longer than some of the folks with private insurance who were there at the same time. Sorry no one can give you definitive answers - this is all so individual, and there are so many factors to be considered. Good luck!

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    The best move I ever made was going to Dr. McDonald's rehab program in St. Louis, Missouri. I actually went there post injury one year. What a difference it has made in my workout program. They teach you what need to learn to go on with life, but at the same time they give you hope. I feel like their program is on the up and up with the latest in SCI.
    Washington University
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    Phone# 314-454-7900
    A great contact person to speak to is Linda Schultz.

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    To Corey and JoeB

    Why don't you post your info on the Doctors Forum?

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    resources in Hawaii area

    j : I personally know of a rehab nurse consultant in Captain Hook, Hawaii. I believe she knows of both large rehab facilities on the big island. Her name is Karen Klemme and her work # is (808) 328-9498. Please tell her Paddy said hello. I hope she can assist you. PLG

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