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Thread: feelings in anus

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    feelings in anus

    what does
    "feelings around the anus" means? my son can feel therometers at times in his anus and sometimes not. he can fel pressure too.. around the anus

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    okwjoe, that is anal sensation. That is great. Wise.

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    He also can feel the differnces inside his buttocks when they "scoot" him up in the wheelchair or bolw up his rojo pad.. is this good too?

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    It's all good, Joe!

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    but the doctor states " he does not have any sensation because he does not have anal sphinter or tone.. So I am not sure what is right.

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    If an able bodied person feels his/her own anus, you will notice that the muscles are tight and the opening is closed. This is what the doctor meant by "sphincter tone." It means that your loved one's anus is loose and not closed. This does not mean that he can't feel. The sensation and the motor tone signals travel through different parts of the cord. The doctor should do his/her own sensory testing to make sure.


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