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    to sci nurse

    my brother has got some touch sensation in his left that a positive will be his prognosis now.

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    Any return is a good sign. When was he injured? Does he have any sensation around his anus? Does he have any movement below his level of injury?


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    he got injured on 3rd july 2004.he had injury at C6 level.he has got sensation in his anus and also he is able to move his right index finger.

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    It sounds like he has an ASIA B injury. It is too early to predict how much he will get back. Our approach is to be hopeful for more return, and to work hard with what comes back, but also to make plans for getting home with what he has now. Everything else he gets back is "gravy"!


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    thank you for your previous reply.since yesterday my brother says he has some burning sensation in his both lower limbs for the first time which he usually has in the it a positive there is any treatment for that.

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    The sensation your brother is experiencing my be the beginning of the return of more sensation. It may also be a thing we call neuropathic pain. There are treatments for it.


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