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Thread: Hi all so much has happened in such little time

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    Hi all so much has happened in such little time

    Brock has been on the treadmill with a harness and has walked for ten minutes. His right leg still needs assistance but his left is good to go. He has stood up on his own two feet with help in getting up and holding on to the paralell bars. The doctors have started him on steroids to build his muscles to help him walk. He is scheduled to go home Oct. 28th due to insurance. He is both excited and scared to go home and if it had not been for this book I am reading I would not have understood the fear he has of going home but thanks to a true story called "Joni" I now understand that for him it is a fear of being a burden and uncertainty. I hope once he gets home we all can help him with his fear. He did stomach crunches yesterday while my son and I were there visiting him during his therapy. My son got injured playing football and we were out going to the doctor and decided to stop by and see him while we waited for his pt appointment. Teresa

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    I am very happy for him. It is truly miraclous. My son still has not regained any sensation or movement in a week. I am starting to fear that his progress has stalled. I guess we can't compare any two SCI patients. But God Bless Brock.

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    It sounds like Brock is getting excellent care and is putting out a lot of effort. I hope he is a lucky one and continues to make progress.

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    The book "Joni" is, I believe, being made into a movie, directed by Chris Reeve.

    Good news concerning Brock. Onward and upward.

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    No, Chris Reeve is making a movie right now about the young woman Brooke Ellison who has a SCI and is vent dependent and graduated from Harvard. It is not Joni (heard this from Dana Reeve last week at a CRPF event). It will be airing on A&E in November.


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