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    New Here....

    I am new to the forum. I was injured June 2003 in a car accident. I sustained a bruise at T4 and C3. The bruise at C3 affected very little, but T4 left me in a wheel chair for about 6 months. Currently I am walking without any assisted devices, but with a significant limb in both legs. My legs are very stiff, I guess you would call it tone? And also I don't have all of the feeling in my feet. I recently had a MRI, the first one since my accident, and discovered that I have a herianted (sp?) disc pushing against my spinal cord at T3-4 area. I was curious to see if anyone has any experience with anything like this and if the disc could be causing some problems. I am going to Detroit to R.I.M. this week.

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    Hi Matthew,welcome...

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    Welcome Matthew- a herniated disc could be causing some of your issues so am glad you are getting it checked out.


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    my son was a gun shot victim/c-6 incomplete, dr stated bone fragments may have gone into the spinal canal, bullet went around the spine. he was injured 3/10/04 and still in a wheel chair. how often have you seen injuries like this? he is getting strong, the doctors are amazed by his new arm strength, what do you think?

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    Matthew, yes the herniated disc could very well be causing you some problems as such. I have five herniated discs I've had minor issues with for the past dozen years, I really didn't realize the risk of the one they've cautioned me about until my son broke his back in 2002... Good that you are getting it checked out, etc. Great recovery so far Matthew~

    MillW, I don't know that you have started a post of your own for questions with gun shots and injury but you would gain more response in doing so...or do a search in the FIND area for information similar to your sons injury, etc.

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