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Thread: question about loss of return

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    question about loss of return

    My son age 14 had his accident 5 weeks ago tomorrow. I remembered he could detect what finger you were pulling in his right hand the day after and not so after his cervical decompresiion and cervical fusion. Two weeks ago he had itense feelings" having my fingers slammed in a car door" but this was only once. Why has this happened?

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    I meant to say that he now can't feel his fingers.. but he once did BEFORE his surgery and when he was in cervical traction.... did somthing happen after his surgery?

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    okwjoe, I have heard of stories of people who have changes of real or spontaneous sensations. Sometimes these changes result form the surgical procedures but they may also represent the normal course of the spinal cord adjusting to the injury. Sometimes, function returns after going away for a while. I am sorry to be so unhelpful. Wise.

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    I guess this was a non-commital type of answer. I will pray his recovery will continue. than you

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