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Thread: Brock was in the paper today

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    Brock was in the paper today

    I know I cant put the article in here but i do have a question. The doctor said that he had a good response to pin pricks in areas that are good prognostic indicators for recovery. Then he says how much recovery he doesnt know. What does he mean about the indicators for recovery? I know they did a pin prick test but I didnt know that it had anything to do with determining whether or not he would recover. I am sorry for the questions but I am learning everything I can so I can help where I can. Thanks in advance. Teresa

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    The doctors and nurses check not only movement but sensation (how he feels pinprick) and vibration and temperature. They will high and go lower, to determine the level of sensation.
    They also look at reflexes to determine functioning. They will continue to assess him.


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    If he has some sensation below the injury level, he has an incomplete injury. It seems that incomplete injuries have better chances for some recovery. You mentioned in another thread that he can move his toes some, that is a good sign.

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    Brocks2ndmom, is the article on the internet? If so you can put a link to it here. I'd be interested to read it and I'm sure others would be too!

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    projectguy I dont know how to put a link in here but you can go to and then go to the sept 4 archives and the topic is: ATV wreck leaves teen hoping to walk again. I hope that helps.

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    Here ya go.

    ATV wreck leaves teen hoping to walk again

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    I sincerely wish Brock

    speedy recovery!

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    Thank you lway2002 for the link I guess I need to learn how to do that. Thank you max for the support and good wishes.

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    Brocks2ndmom, please check your private topics!

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