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Thread: he can move his left leg and foot!!!!

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    he can move his left leg and foot!!!!

    Ok for those who dont know Brock is a 16 yr old who had a 4 wheeler accident Aug. 3 2004. He was diagnosed c5 incomplete. They did test friday and said his major nerves arent damaged and on saturday's therapy session he moved his left leg and foot.He has also regained some more movement in his left hand but his right side isnt as lucky. He can move his arm and all on the right side but not his fingers or anything below his chest. Does anybody know what that about or is this normal to get one side back and then the other or will he not get the right side back or what? Thanks in advance. Teresa

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    Teresa, it's not uncommon for one side to be working better than the other. It means the lesion affects one side of the cord more than the other. In its extreme form it is called Brown-Sequard syndrome. Symptoms of that are one side with motor function and better pain and temperature sensation on the other side. I was diagnosed with this four months after my injury.

    I was able to wiggle my left toes at two weeks. My right leg didn't move for two months, then I got a twitch of calf muscle movement. Also I have near-bormal function in my left hand, but my right is very limited.

    It's impossible to say exactly what he will recover, but the early recovery he is getting is a good sign. I wish Brock, his family and you the very best!

    - Bruce

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    Teresa, that is great. Wise.

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    I'm like Bruce, with the Brown-Sequard. I wish Brock were getting all this return on both sides, but trust me, 1 side is a lot better than nothing.

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    Good news Teresa.

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    Hey all I just thought I would let everyone know he moved his right leg today although it wasnt a lot we were glad to see it happen. It seems like every other day something great happens. I know it sounds selfish but I wish he could just get up and walk out of there. I believe he will walk one day its just that it seems so slow. I know nobody wishes this more than he does. He has it in his head that he may not ever throw another baseball but he fully intends to stand on that pitchers mound by his senior year which is next year. Anyway, I guess we will take it one day at a time and hope for the best. Thanks to everyone here for all the info and prayers. It has been a great help to him and his family. Teresa

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    Please tell Brock the time has come to kick into gear. He's going to have to work like never before. He's a lucky boy, time to max it out.

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    Teresa, I am a C6&7, L3 at 11 months out and my left arm was about 2-4 weeks ahead of my right arm. Because of shoulder damage in the left side, I can now raise my right arm higher, but have more function with my left hand. Tell Brock that anything is possible. It sounds like he has the determination to make great strides! i wish him and your family all the best!


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