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Thread: More good news i think anyway

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    More good news i think anyway

    Well, Brock is just past 2 weeks since the accident and when the doc came in yesterday he told Brock to try to move his foot pressing down on the docs hand and although he didnt move the foot the doc said he could feel Brocks tendons and muscles working and that Brock should be able to move his toes soon. He went on a field trip today with the rehab center. They went to the science museum. I havent heard how it went yet but I am sure it went fine.

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    That is great. Wise.

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    That is great news. Where is Brock now. What Rehab Center. My son was in a three wheeler accident 2 years ago. Was in his last week of ball season and 1 week of school left. He spent his entire summer in the hospital and Rehab. He is C-2,C-3, incomplete. He moves his toes, his thumb and index finger, his trunk control is getting stronger. The doctors said he would not be able to move below his shoulders. Miracles do happen. I would like to hear all about Brock. I think he and my son have a lot in common. I can feel the pain his mother is feeling right now. Bless her heart. We had much rather this happen to us than our children. There is a prayer that I would like to share with Brock's mom.

    "God, if it is in your best interest to remove this suffering, please do so. But if it fulfills your purpose, that's what I want too."


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    Yes, great news.

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