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    New Question

    Ok, it has been one week since the accident and Brock have had the following things happen: He can move his neck, arms, hands and fingers(this just happened yesterday morning. He can feel when his bladder is full and when he needs to do the other. Today he has burning in his feet and the spasms have started in his legs. He also had burning in his hands until he got to where he could move them. Is this all good signs or am I just hoping too much? Its like everyday something comes alive in him. Oh and for the ones that dont know he is a c5 incomplete. He had a 4 wheeler accident one week ago yesterday. Had surgery on his neck one week ago today. I believe God is healing him everyday one day at a time.

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    He is VERY incomplete. Those are all good signs in my opinion. I'm not a doctor or nurse but I've been there. Tell him to focus on muscles and try to move them, even just a twitch for now.

    C5/6 incomplete, injured Aug. 2000

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    from my experience [ a C5/6 ''walker'' ] these are very good signs was about a month before i got any return below my lesion level .
    thank you ,

    every day i wake up is a good one .

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    Agree with dogger and Betheny, both of whom are "walking quads", as is my husband. Bruce got feeling back in his feet by 24 hours, and after about 10 days could move the toes on one foot. 3 long years of constant struggle and focussed PT later, he walks with a cane.

    Your son's early return of mobility and sensation are very hopeful signs!

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    From what I have learned so far (1 yr post), when you start getting spasms your body is coming out of spinal shock. He's getting more back than I did at only a week post, so I'm guessing that that's a good sign. At one year post, I'm a walking quad like Betheny and Dogger.

    Even before I went to rehab my family helped me do range of motion twice a day and while they were doing it I would concentrate on trying to move it myself. I surprised myself a few times by being able to move certain parts just out of the blue. Tell him to just keep trying to move every muscle he can! Even just a small movement is a good sign.

    It's great to hear how well he's doing already! Good luck to him and prayers for all of you!

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    Aug '03

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