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Thread: hi i am new here

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    It's great your son can be there.Words do come hard as it is a new thing for everyone. The awkwardness will subside, just don't rush it.It has to be one of the most helpless positions an able bodied person can be put in. I wish you all a kindred spirit of love...

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    Hi! My 20 yr. old son was injured on 6/4 in Costa Rica. He survived the big waves only to dive into a shallow pool! We are heartbroken, but our son is a survivor and has an awesome group of friends that have been there for him from the very beginning (2 of them saved his life). Tell your son to treat Brock as he did before. Brock will start feeling better in about a month when the pain lets up a bit.
    Please be supportive of his family. Friends and family have no idea how this type of injury can devastate another family. It took us 2 months just to come out of the "fog". We are now preparing for our son to come home and we are very nervous and stressed out! I am very grateful for the support we have received, it is what gets us throug the day! Please tell Brock's family to never give up hope! The doctors originally told us our son was "complete", he has regained some feeling in different areas and they just recently upgraded him to "incomplete". As far as I am concerned, these are just labels!! I will keep Brock and his family in my prayers! Good luck!

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