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Thread: He had some tests yesterday.....

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    He had some tests yesterday.....

    The doctors did some kind of electrode test on his nerves and they said none of his major nerves were damaged and said that within the next year he should gain a good bit of what he lost back. They were careful not to say that he would walk again though. I honestly beleive he will. I would like to thank everyone who have answered my questions and all. It has helped me, my son and his mother to get through this. I know we still have a long road ahead of us but it looks better and better everyday. The bad news we had was that he didnt get to go to my sons football game last night (we lost anyway). When they tried to transport him from the wheelchair to the car his bloodpreasure bottomed out so they suggested that he shouldnt go. Which it was so hot yesterday he probably wouldnt have been able to take the heat anyway. Maybe he can come to another one later, we hope anyway. He is also running a slight fever. It just seems so much for a 16 yr old to have to deal with. I mean an adult can deal with some of it to an extent but when you are a teenager and have a girlfriend and you are wearing a diaper and TED hose man that has got to be rough. But he is making it through. Although he does get down sometimes. I just hurt for him. I just want to see him smile and pitch again. He had several scholarships to colleges already and now this happens. I am sorry for just running on I just have kept this all inside because I have tried to be strong for my son, his mom, him, my daughter we all love him so much and want him to be normal again. Thanks for listening. Teresa

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    Brocks2ndmom, it sounds like Brock received some good news. That is great! How wonderful that he has such loving and caring people in his life.

    One thing I am going to suggest (I know others have probably suggested this too) is for his mother to join this forum. I am sure she is grief-stricken and overwhelmed, but there is so much information and support she can receive from this site. My son (then 20 years old) was injured (C 2/3) in April 2003, and I wish I had found CC then. I had so many questions and concerns. My biggest concern was if his life was over. It would have helped to read a few posts here to see that no matter what his recovery outcome would be his life could still be rich and rewarding.

    Brock's doctors sound encouraging. I know that they hesitate to step out on a limb and offer too much, too soon. That is understandable. But know that it is still SO early in Brock's recovery, and you should remain hopeful. The doctors first involved in my son's case were concerned about the possibility of him getting off the ventilator. He did get off of it after two months and just walked into his first college class post SCI last Monday!

    It is difficult to be strong for everyone. You are entitled to shed tears too. You are human and watching someone you love suffer is painful. Don't hold it all in. Brock is very lucky to have you in his life. Take care.

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