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    How is your friend with the spinal cord injury doing?


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    Unfortunately there was no improvement from the day he was out from ICU, His pressure sore is the same, whenever it was healing somehow he manage to bring it back, the doctor says they need to do another surgery for it to heal faster maybe sometime next week.

    He's doing some PT, but mostly what they do is teach him how to adapt to life in a wheelchair. He's still very poor in transfering himself to the wheelchair, if he's on airmatress then its impossible to do it alone and need someone to assist.

    At least mentally his alrite, he's a strong man, but troubles his family, they would have to take turns to visit him everyweek. They stay about 3 hours drive from the hospital.

    Only thing thats preventing recovery or discharge is the pressure sore.


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    I hope he will get the surgery he needs for his pressure ulcer. A pressure ulcer acquired immediately after injury can definately hold someone back during their rehabilitation. This is one of the worst things about allowing pressure ulcers to develop during the acute phase. Once it is closed and fully healed, then he can procede with an appropriate program.

    Good to hear from you again. Keep us up to date about your friend. Does he have access to a computer?


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    well he doesn't have access to one at the moment, I do come in off n on mostly for reading.


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