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Thread: Desperately awaiting any info on SCI - C7

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    Dee - good report.

    Gerry sounds like he might eventually benefit from joining these forums if he's interested in learning new things.

    Like your brother I was also injured in a "freak bicycle accident" and have the same level of injury (C6-7). I am 40 yrs old and 4 yrs post. Job, family, etc.

    If he ever wants to talk please encourage him to do so.

    Good luck to everyone in your family.

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    Dee, my name is jOE. I am another c6/c7 injury. This site has helped me more than anything or any one in the world. I'm glad you found it so soon.

    Most of the doctors are always saying, "We don't know." or "You will get back what you get back" I hated this response to all my questions, and I asked alot. I have decided that it is better than a definate answer either way. If they say no its discouraging and if they say you will and you don't it's also discouraging.

    At the time of my accident I was given a 4% chance of having any function below my nipples. I was termed incomplete because I had some sensation. Three months after my accident my foot moved, and five months after I stood for the first time. Now, thirteen months after, I am working on my walking. I have friends from rehab that were suposed to be incomplete that can move one leg and another that has enough hip flexors to stand with braces.

    Your brother sounds like he has a similar attitude to mine at the time. They kept telling me that I was dealing with everything to well. I don't think that is possible. It doesn't last forever and sad times will probably come, but having a sense of reality and healthy optomism gets you far.

    Great advise and never ending support keeps pouring from this site. You and your brother should never give up hope, keep working hard, and you always have a place to ask questions, share experiences, meet people, and vent.

    best wishes

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