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Thread: Funny spasms

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    Funny spasms

    Just a question about odd spasms... i'm c5 asia A, but sensation of upto 7, but no hand movement, When watching my fingers they twitch to fully move on thier own. I also get this type of movement with my feet. I do have some very good and powerful spasms when i'm touched below my injury, mainly my legs and groin. God i wish i could say i do it, but none of this movement is controled.

    Now the question: anyone else get these types of spasms, as i can't be the only freak,

    What may be a cause of these as i am to be completely complete, I don't do anything half assed.

    And what other funny spasms do people have? out of curiosity.


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    Patonb- your spasms are not unusual or freaky. Even though you are a complete injury, there are still reflexes that are still intact(think the knee jerk when it it hit with a hammer). For some, spasms are a way to maintain some tone in their muscles for others they are so severe as to interfere with function or are painful and so need to take medication.


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