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Thread: I just found CareCure Community.

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    I just found CareCure Community.

    I was searching Google for information on "Brown-Sequard" syndrome and stumbled onto this forum. I was operated on on 1/26/2004 for
    cord compression and awoke with a left leg that wasn't communicating with central command anymore. I went through two months of rehab at the Kessler Institute in West Orange, New Jersey (Chris Reeves alumnus) and am now at home and walking with cane and attending outpatient therapy.
    I'm primarily interested in hearing from others who have traveled this path. I'd like to get an idea of prospects, etc.



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    Just wanted to say welcome, a lot of info here.

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    garvey, you should come to one of the open houses at Rutgers. The next one is on July 29. It will be a big one. Call the W. M. Keck Center at 732-445-2061 for more info. Wise.

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    Usually the open house is on a friday, July 29th is a Thursday? What will make this one a "BIG ONE"

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    Thanks Wise - I'll try to get there. Have to see my ortho that day to get his ok for return to work!

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    Welcome, Garvey. I have Brown-Sequard too, but you've already outrun me so I won't add anything but good wishes on your recovery.

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    Thanks Betheny - from what I've seen and heard so far - I think I may have gotten off easy. The recovery is coming along very well! I give the folks at Kessler a lot of the credit.

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