I am C5-7 Incomplete as of Aug 2003. I received the 16 outpatient rehab visits i was allowed with my Blue Care Network Insurance in 2003. The year, of course, started over again in January of 2004. I used up my 16 visits again earlier in the year. I tried to get more outpatient PT from the insurance company. My physiatrist tried several different diagnoses but they said no to all! I am at the point now where I am able to walk with loft strands and an AFO on my right foot. I feel that I desperately need more physical therapy to learn how to walk properly!! I need gait training!! I am so close to being out of this wheelchair completely and know that it would go som much more quickly if I could receive additional PT. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I could pay for it myself!! Does anyone here know of any possible way I could receive more Physical Therapy?