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Thread: accident 3 weks ago...

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    Hang on . This is a great site full of caring individuals. I have really found it informative and uplifting. It's a hard life. I am newly injured 11-04-03 and everyday is rough, but life goes on. I hope a cure will come and return us to how we were before our injuries, but I'm learning to live with my injury. It's not fun, but it seems like a lot of people here have found joy in their days.

    Take Care,

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    Karen your family and friends will love you no matter what. Im a new injured T5 complete after a dirt bike accident in the mountain in Alaska on 09/07/03. You are in a place in your life that you feel helpless. When I was injured all I wanted was to wake up from my nightmare and everything will be back to normal. Im 8 months post now and if it was not for family I dont know where I would be. All I can leave you with is this thought. LIVE FOR THE MOMENT, REMEMBER THE PAST, AND DREAM OF THE FUTURE. I live by that every day and in time we will all walk again.

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    I am sorry about your accident. I know how much it sucks. Be encouraged that you have already had much return & that your injuries weren't much worse than they are. I have an L-1 injury, I can only imagine how much farther along I would be if I were able to weight bear & begin walking 3 weeks after my fall. It was 4 months before I was released to be weight bearing. I am now almost six months post & am still in the beginning stages of walking. You are blessed. As I said, I know how much it sucks. I understand the feeling of being a buredn. My family moved 200miles to be with me & help take care of me. I am so grateful for that. I can't imagine what I would be going through if I didn't have them. THey have, as I am sure your husband and kids will, encouraged me that I am not a burden. They loved you before, there is no reason why they shouldn't love you now. I'm sure you've taken care of them over the years, it's their turn to help take care of you. Also, you said you already have bladder control back, that in itself is WONDERFUL!!!! The bowel control comes with time too. I am still working on both factors. One thing that has helped my bowel regimine, and it may help you out too is Senokot. I take it every day, alternating once to twice. You may want to talk to your dr's about this. It has been a blessing for me & made bowel issues a lot easier. Feel free to e-mail or PM me if you have any questions, concerns or even just want to vent. I wish that I had found this forum as early on as you did, you have an advantage that you have this great resource while you are still in the rehab center & can assist better in the direction of your own care. Keep your spirits up. It will get easier with time. Also, if they haven't already suggested it, a mild anti-depressant may help you out. I know it has made an enormous impact for me. This is a very stressful time & it can also be very depressing. I take Celexa and I have had very minimal, if any direct side effects. I'm sorry if I have rambled, I just wish that there had been someone "in my boat" per say as I was going through rehab to help answer my questions & understand my feelings.


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    I am also a young mother with a husband and two small kids. Since I was injured last August I have had a hard time finding many other young moms in this situation. I'm T4/5 complete. I'm still stuck in the "grieving for my old life" stage and don't know how to get out of it. I'm so sorry you've joined our ranks, but glad that you have found this forum. So on top of trying to focus on your recovery, you'll have to redefine your role within your family. My husband has always been an involved dad, but since my injury has taken on a much bigger role. The kids are resilient. As long as they feel loved and secure, you'll just be their mom to them. As others have said, your recovery seems to hold lots of promise. Be patient. After I was injured all I wanted to do was get home. However, after getting home there were other complications health-wise. So don't be in a hurry and don't be surprised with new obstacles that come your way. If you want to talk more about other issues as they relate to functioning as a family, let me know.


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    JKN, please also join us at this fairly new website for women with mobility disabilities:


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    Glad you found this group. A lot of questions you may have now and later can be answered here.

    Your prognosis sounds wonderful. It doesn't do much good to say that you're making incredile progress, and that you are doing better than many folks with similar or worse injuries. Nobody can say for sure if you will ever be physically the same as before your injury. That's the harsh reality of this injury. But you can still be the same in every other regard.

    How do you stop feeling like this? Don't know.
    As far as family goes, here is my story:

    My wife was injured 1.5 years ago, C6/7 incomplete ASIA C. Our son was 6 months old at the time. I can assure you he doesn't give a damn about his mom's physical condition. It might be tougher with older children and the peer pressure they face. He has no problem walking up to her wheelchair and saying, "climb up," and she helps him into her lap, feeds him, and hears him say "mommy kiss" before going to bed.

    The idea of being a burden to your family is absurd, although understandable. It's a difficult road and there will be some bumps along the way. But love, children, family, are all intact.

    I'd love to talk more with you if you wish. I can perhaps provide the A/B male perspective, if there is such a thing.

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    Even though I do not know your kids, I can confidently state that you are not and will never be an "embarassment" to your three kids.

    Most people with "incomplete" spinal cord injury will recover substantial function over the first year or two after injury. It takes a time and a lot of work to get back function. The fact that you have sensation in your thighs, that you are walking at 3 weeks after injury, and that you have bladder function means that you are going to recover a lot but it will not necessarily come automatically.

    Did you receive high-dose steroids (methylprednisolone) shortly after your injury (within 8 hours?).


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    Wise, don't know about your kids, but I have never met a 13 yo yet who wasn't embarrassed over their parents. They do (eventually) get over it and grow up though!


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    Hi Karen. I dont have any advice to add except hang on. I cant say it gets better but you become more tolerant of your new way of gettin things done.

    I went to school in Ambridge and VoTech at Beaver County Community College. Have you ever heard of MrMittens Cruises? A good friend of mine owns that. Small world?

    T-10 complete

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    Hi Karen, I am a 24 yr. old female, with a spinal cord injury(c5 and t8) incomplete.My accident will be 2 years ago the 21st of this month. I have gained back all sensation except for my left foot which I wear a brace on it exactly like the ones your wearing!I can relate to you sooo much!I have a 4 year old son(2 when I was injured)he is young but my condition doesnt bother him one bit.He treats me just as if I were walking.I have been with his father for 7 years and he has stuck by my side since day 1.As of now I am learning to walk with a cane and in time hoping to get to using nothing!! Right after my accident I used a chair for my main source then I got up with a walker, now I am working with a cane.It does feel very strange and not like it did before my accident but I am thankful that I have made it this far, and the advice I give to you is that therapy is very,very hard work..give it all you got and dont let fear or anything else stop you. Within time things will get easier for you. Gup gave great advice.."live for the moment,remember the past,and dream of the future"words to live by. Good luck

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