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Thread: Transverse myelitis - frightened

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    Thanks Lynnifer and Doctor Wise.
    Lynnifer I will read your story and look foward to learning from it.

    Dr. Wise I am one of the ones where they can't figure out what caused it. i have no sensation or movement at this point from the t10 level down.

    again thank you both very much
    Guest, you are welcome. May I recommend that you register so that we can distinguish you from other "guests". By the way, it is free and we don't send you advertisements or any emails. Although we have allowed people to post on this forum without registration, we will be changing that status soon. Thanks.


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    if you get idiopathic TM, primarily only swelling of the spinal cord, with steroids you WILL recover greatly! This is fact. If your TM is something else, like a spinal avm, time is of the essence, and if your medical help isn't on the ball, you are destined for one horrible conclusion to life.

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