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Thread: Batten down hatches - May-June-July is SCI season

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    Yup, thats what i've been telling my friends to.
    I was last june 16th, mountian biking. I've already heared of 3 more mtn biking related spinal injuries this season so far. Fortunately only 1 has been major spinal damage.

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    That is sad Wise. If it is predictable, then it is preventable..I wonder if education is helping?
    We have programs in the high schools here about drinking and driving,I sure like to think it is helping curb some of the behaviour...

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    murrey, there are two very effective programs that have reduced spinal cord injury in the United States. One is called Feet First which of course encourages people not to dive headfirst into unknown waters. The second is called Think First which is self-explanatory. I have heard talks providing evidence of reductions in spinal cord injury incidence in the states where these programs have been active. Wise.

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    Paula Sue, make sure and visit the other forums for information.

    By using the "Find" function (above left) and inserting "Project Walk" for example you will find many topics/threads on the subject.

    Prayers for your sister and family during this difficult time. Good luck.

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