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Thread: Attempt at "lots of answers" regarding spinal cord injury

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    Thanks a million, Dr. Young for this concise explanation of questions many of us have. Very helpful!

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    thanks for this. I was injured last year and although a lot of stuff is explained at different stages some of this info makes more sense to me now.

    Many thank,


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    Thanks, that was great information. My pmnr doctor has not even answered these questions as well as you.

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    the explaination on hunger means a lot to me. thank you.

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    Dr. Young, thank you for this outline.

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    After 5 years this is brilliant I still don't know what to expect no one has really explained. I get all types of varying symptoms affecting parts of body you would not expect and then stress it is something else. I am convinced that apart form the well documented aspect spasticity, coldness,tingling,aches, stiffness other symptoms can appear such as stomach issues,. hip pain. The loss of appetite is a big one that has been explained well, I spoke to my consultant about this 3 years ago he replied "feel lucky most people with spinal injuries put on weight?"
    Incomplete spinal injury 5 years can walk took 9 months to walk without crutches/stick and regain hand/arm/leg function. EG took 9 months for me to be able to write again or cut my nails, gradual return of motor functions. Spot on Dr about 75% recovery

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    Dr. Young, I sort of actually "stumbled by this. Not really looking specifically, but took a look. YES, this is very interesting. My injury was 2002. In a coma nearly 6 months. Countless, almost90, surgery. Massive internal bleeding. Am told blood hit spinal cord. No idea true or not. Anyhow, 12+ years post injury and things do move forward. I have gotten rid of all professional help. I do not think they were able to coordinate what they wee doing with state of my body. Coma, I think and it took a long time for me to figure this out, really reduced overall body strength. Toss eyes into the process and the coordination of what eyes, body, and state of body at whatever time I do think were not occurring correctly. I have gotten many things to once again be working. I started with eyes closed and simply see if I can even think my way through something and "visually" see if I could execute it correctly. I assume this similar to being in a womb. Only problem, body was size of adult. So coordination of the execution of the signals takes a very long time to restore. It is exciting as well as frustrating. I see things happen, get excited and start thinking "I am almost there!a" I also end up getting pissed at myself simply because "How many things are there to learn? I do figure if I do not keep going, I will not get there. At same time I wonder if I am just wasting time.

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