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Thread: Another cauda equina / nerve conduction question

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    Another cauda equina / nerve conduction question

    I had the nerve conduction test of my lower extremities today. They did 2 tests. One with electrical jolts and then the one with needles. The tech seemed to think the results were normal. Would this likely rule out cauda equina syndrome?

    I actually felt disappointed that the results were fine, as I am frustrated with the number of tests and lack of answers. My ultimate fear I that at the end of the day, they will still not have figured it out and will conclude it is all in my head. (Although logically, I know that they wouldn't really think that the inability to feel some of the perineal region and the necessity to use dulcolax suppositories is something likely to be faked convincingly!)

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    Both of those make up the emg. I dont know much about cauda equina but since the emg is only on peripheral nerves I dont believe it can rude it out. I know this doesn't apply in your case, but ive been told by neurologists that long standing damage may not show on an emg.
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    Did you have trauma or damage to the lower aspect of your spinal cord? Cauda equina can be diagnosed with a MRI of the spinal cord, physical exam and symptoms of bladder/bowel dysfunction. If you have had these completed then that would give a health care provider the information needed to make a diagnosis.


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