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Thread: Will I always be a quad?

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    Will I always be a quad?

    i had a spinal coed injury on Aug 29,2003 that left me a quadriplegic. I am currently recovering and am expected to fully recover. My question is, will I always be considered a quad? I know yoy move up the ASIA scale and that Asia E is normal. So would i be considered a quad ASIA E?

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    Tina, you can find the ASIA scale on an article by Dr. Young here.

    To be considered an ASIA E you must have totally normal sensation everywhere, and normal muscle strength everywhere. You can have hyperactive reflexes. Is this your situation already?

    It is most unusual, although not unknown, for someone to have a serious SCI and to be initially seriously impaired and then end up an ASIA E. Many more people with incomplete injuries will end up ASIA B, C or D.

    With an incomplete injury it can take 2 years or more to determine your ultimate outcome, so it is too early to say how much you will get back and how soon.


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    I am ASIA D right now, but my question is more about what happens when i DO fully recover. Will I still be a quad even though I have everything back, if I were to get it all back?

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    i'm just guessing here but you could call yourself a fully recovered quad...what to call yourself probably won't ever be an issue when you are fully recovered. Personally if it were me and i was filling in job applications etc. if i was fully recovered i would probably lie and not mention the injury.

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    In the USA it is illegal to ask about medical or disability conditions in either job applications or job interviews.

    I can call yourself recovered if you have no more residual impairment.


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    Tina, you would be a person who has recovered from spinal cord injury. The word "quad" is short for quadriplegic or quadriparetic. The recommended medical term is now tetraplegic or tetraparetic. -plegic means paralyzed. -paretic means partly paralyzed. If you are fully recovered, I think that you no longer should be calling yourself a quad or tetra. That is great. A lot of people would love to be in your shoes. Wise.

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    Thanks for the help everyone. I was asking for a couple reaons. One because I am a nitpicker and was wondering because there is an ASIA E meaning normal, but if your normal and no longer paralyzed how come there is such a rating on the scale? No big deal, just one of those things my brain tends to question. The main reason I am asking is because I just filed my taxes and realized that in Michigan, at least, they do ask if you are a quad or a para. I'm not saying I will ever get to Asia E, but I like to hope so. Sorry to cause such a big deal about something that may never happen, but I was curious. THANKS!!!

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    ASIA E was included as a category because there are people who have spinal cord injury but don't have neurological deficits. Wise.

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