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Thread: URGENT - Medical Advice needed for a 3year old baby with C-2 injury

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    URGENT - Medical Advice needed for a 3year old baby with C-2 injury

    Dear friends,

    I am writing this post from overseas, a small island in the Meditterenean sea between Greece and Israel. I am a T8 paraplegic since 1994 and I have found very usefull information on this forum many times.

    Now I am asking for your help, not for me but for a small baby. 3 years old, had a car accident with her mum and has a severe damage of the spinal cord at the level C-2.

    The baby was injured on the 15th of December and her parents are looking for a doctor or a medical center who might be able to help them and give them a more wise opinion. They know that the situation is very bad and almost impossible to get any help, but they want to at least talk to a specialist who has experience in such cases.

    Underneith I am including the report from the MRI center:

    Report from the medical diagnostic center (MRI)

    Patient: Female 3 years old
    DATE of trauma 15/12/2003
    DATE of MRI 22/12/2003

    MRI OF BRAIN: ( FLAIR long TR & T2WTSE & T1WSE and DWSSH and T2WFFE axial planes)


    MRI OF CERVICAL SPINE: (T2WTSE sagittal and axial planes from the level of base of skull to C7)

    There is evidence of fracture through the base of the odontoid peg causing severe damage of the spinal cord at this level.

    In addition there is diffuse restricted diffusion within the basal ganglia posterior limb of the internal capsule and deep white matter of the periventricular areas and centrum semiovale bilaterally.

    These abnormalities are shown as low signal intensity on ADC map.

    A tiny subdural hematoma in the right frontal region and soft tissue swelling over the parietal areas are also seen.

    There is also extensive mucosal thickening of the paranasal sinuses.

    Fluid within the mastoid cells bilaterally is also shown.


    The findings are due to severe damage of the spinal cord at the level of C2-3 due to an unstable fracture through the base of the odontoid peg. In addition there is evidence of severe change of brain anoxia.

    Inflammatory changes of the paranasal sinuses are seen.

    Since Israel is very close to our island I am thinking of asking help from Proneuron Biotechnologies in Israel.

    I will appreciate comments from specialists especialy from Mr W Young.

    Looking forward for soon replies


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    The last I heard, the Proneuoron program was only taking patients with paraplegic injuries, and I am not sure they are accepting any children, but it certainly is worth inquiring with them. The child would need to be moved to Israel and the family would probably need to be there at least 3 months. Do they have resources for this?

    I believe the Shriner's Children' Hospitals in the USA do take some children from overseas as well. They have excellent SCI Centers at several of their hospitals, and the care is free for eligible children. Here is a link:

    Shriner's Hospitals for Children


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    A good friend of mine is a superb pediatric neurosurgeon at Tel Aviv University. His name is Shlomi Constantini ( You can try emailing him and asking him for some advice.


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    Dear Mr Young,

    Thanks for the information. Mr Constantini will visit us in two days to examine the child.

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    dimitris, great! Wise.

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    Wow, what a testement to the power of the borderless internet and the Care/Cure site! Thank you so much for the contact, Wise. Dimitris, please keep us informed about what happens with this sad story.


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    Dimitris, please relay my thoughts and prayers to the parents. My heart goes out to them. I hope that they'll be able to get some good care for her. God bless.

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Dear Friends,

    The doctor visited us last night and examined the baby. Unfortunately there is severe brain and spinal cord injury and there are very little chances for recovery. The brain damage was a result of anoxia.

    Thank you for your thoughts and Mr Wise Y. for the contact information of Dr. Constantini.

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    dimitris, I am so sorry to hear of this. Wise.

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    after reading this can you tell there is a god that would let this happen to a baby.

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