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Thread: few more questions...sorry!

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    There are several good ways to find used vans...and you can save quite a bit this way as depreciation is significant the first year. Check on these resources:

    1) Check with local rehabilitation centers, or the PVA chapter in St. Louis. They often know about used vans for sale.

    2) Check with local adapted van vendors. Often they have clients who are selling their older vans when purchasing new ones.

    3) Check out

    4) Check out eBay motors at (search under "wheelchair van")

    The National Veterans Wheelchair Games are in St. Louis this year, June 15-19. It would be great if you could get her to see some of these events. Spectators are admitted free. She might be most interested in meeting some of the vets who have higher level injuries and may be vent users too. Check out the Wheelchair Ralley and Power Chair Slalom as well as Power Soccer if they offer it this year. There will also be a free equipment expo on June 15th. You can get more information here:


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    What type of fundraiser are you holding in June? In July we are holding our first annual fundraiser to help my brother Dennis. It will be a day of golf and dinner after.

    All three of my brothers and father are avid golfers, along with many of our friends and family. The day will start with lunch for the golfers, golf, cocktails and dinner after.

    We will have different contests for the golfers, sponsors for the lunch, cocktail hour and dinner. We are having auctions and raffles during dinner with items we are collecting from lots of different sources. We are collecting sports tickets, tickets to museums, clothing from local stores, wine from local stores, weeks at vacation homes donated by the owners, theater tickets, sports memorabilia, dinners from local restaurants to name a few. I am sure you are tapping all of the resources you can to make it a success. I know how hard it is to coordinate and organize, I am doing most of this right now. If you need ideas, please let me know or if you have some good ideas you would like to share on your end, I would appreciate it!

    We know a lot of people who are not golfers but are coming to the dinner or are donating in leu of attending. We have created a 'brochure' for the event along with a bio of Dennis for people who may not know him or how his life has changed. If you would like to take a look at what we have done, let me know.

    Much of our family lives in the Chicago area and are holding a fundraiser there also. It will be held at a local pub in June, tickets are $25 each to attend, there will be food and drinks donated by local companies, raffles for participants and hopefully fun had and money donated. This one will be much more simple than what we are planning out here, but everything will help!

    So much money is needed for his daily living, changes to our parents house, the van, equipment, supplies, etc. We are so hoping it will be a success and I truly hope your event is also.

    If anyone is in North Jersey July 22nd, you are welcome to attend! If you would like details, please let me know.

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    What is a fundraiser? Sounds very strange to me. Please answer because I have read it many times here.

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    A fundraiser is an event you organize and hold in hopes of raising money to help out, in our case my brother with all of the different types of bills needed to be paid.

    Insurance does not come close to paying for all of the equipment needed for daily living and if you do not have quite a bit of money I think most people need help paying for 'stuff'.

    There are dozens of different events you can hold to help raise money. We chose something that is of interest to my brother and many other family members and friends. Golf and a dinner are our bag!

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    Thank you for the answer

    Here we get most of the equipment for free, as long as the doctor said it is necessery. It still not so easy, long time to wait and a lot of work to get it. And many times the doctor and the users do not agree what is necessery

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    The benefit we are holding is a dance and dinner. A local band is going to be playing. We will also have raffels for baskets and a few silent auctions. We are still trying to get everything together. We are not having luck on food donations. It just seems like everything is moving so slowly.

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    I know things can be tough to organize and get going. Have you formed a 'committee' for the event? If you can do so and give specific people specific jobs to take care of.

    As far as food, have you tried local delis or bakeries? Some grocercy stores may also be of help, pizza places may be helpful also. I am sure you have tried to cover these places and it is not easy to keep going into stores to aske the same thing over and over, but in the end I hope it all works out.

    Have you developed any type of flyer or brochure for the event? Sometimes it makes it easier to get donations this way. We created a brochure along with a bio of Dennis to give people an idea of who Dennis is and what he has gone through the past nine months - along with what is ahead.

    Let me know if you need any help or ideas....

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