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Thread: few more questions...sorry!

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    few more questions...sorry!

    What does that mean if someone that has no movement can kinda feel someone stepping on thier foot? Is it just reflex? What about when they say thier arm feels like it is just sleeping? What if they think they can feel someone touching thier hand?


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    hi tammy. is your friend saying she can feel during the doctors exam of sensation? i remember when i was first injured, that i would feel like i could still feel my legs and there definitely was (and still is) a sense of numbness, like my legs are asleep. i remember that i was absolutely sure that i could feel myself going to the bathroom, like i felt i really has to pee. i don't have sensation below my level of injury - c5/6, but it can be so difficult to differentiate what these feelings mean, especially early on. your friend may continue to regain sensation as she is still in a very acute stage(?).

    you have nothing to be sorry for. you are asking questions so you can help your friend. all of this is new to both you and her family and anything that may help in your understanding so you can share this information with your friends family, i'm sure is greatly appreciated. people here are also eager to share their experience and knowledge with others so feel free to ask as many questions as you need. no question is too trivial.

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    Parathesias (abnormal feelings not founded on actual stimulation) are not uncommon in SCI. It is also not uncommon for someone to get back actual feeling early, and this is a good sign. Can you touch her without her seeing where you are touching, and tell you accurately where you are touching her (without clues)?

    Also, Tammy, instead of starting a new thread for each question, it would be helpful to continue your previous thread with additional questions. This makes it easier for everyone to follow the progress of your friend and how the questions all relate to each other. The separate questions will eventually be separated and hard to find. Thanks.


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    When I want to ask a new I just post a reply under my previous question?

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    Yep, just click 'reply' on this topic.

    You're being a great friend, and don't feel bad about asking questions - we've all been there! The learning curve for SCI is very high and very quick! Would be great if you could get your friend's family up on this site.


    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    What is ASIA A, B, C, and D? Does the doctor grade each patient with one of these letters?

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    I commend your efforts and wish that I had a friend like you when I was injured.

    You can find an explanation of the ASIA classification by Dr. Wise Young here.

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    My friend had no movement in her diaghram so they did surgery and gave her a permanant breathing tube. How does this work? Why do they have to clean it out often? Does it hurt when they clean it?

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    Tammy, a tracheostomy is done so that the person can use a ventilator long term. If the tube through the mouth or nose is left in long term, it can cause permanent damage to the vocal cords and throat, and can cause serious sinus infections. The tube is needed in order for her to use a ventilator. If her diaphragm does not work at all, this may be a long term need. If she should get return down the road, this tube can be removed and it will heal over.

    Suctioning of lung secretions (mucous) is needed because she (probably) also has paralysis of her chest wall and stomach muscles, so she cannot cough on her own. If the secretions are not suctioned out, they accumulate and cause collapse of the lung and potentially life-threatening pneumonia. It is critical though that her nurses and respiratory therapists also work hard on finding ways to clear her secretions other than just suctioning, which is traumatic and can damage the lung. These technique should include "quad" or assisted coughing and the use of a Cough-Assist machine, usually combined with chest physical therapy and/or a vibrating vest to loosen the secretions first. Suctioning is quite uncomfortable, although usually not painful.

    What is happening as far as getting her moved to a specialty SCI Center? With this information it is even more critical that this occurs. She needs to also be at a center where they can determine if she might be a candidate for a phrenic nerve pacer, or even for the newer diaphramatic stimulator that Christopher Reeve recently obtained. These are done only at specialized centers, and the sooner the better.


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    A person from Craig Rehab was supposed to be there today to evaluate her. I don't think that they take her insurance...but isn't there some way she can still go? They really want to take her to Colorado...thier 2nd choice is somewhere in Georgia. Wouldn't the girl who caused the accident have to pay for her to go? When I was visiting yesterday with her, she kept making a face and she said she was coughing. How does that work when she has no movement in her diaphragm? She said she is coughing because she has pneumonia. The other day she had a 104 temp. but they got it down and she feels much better. Does anyone know if visitors are allowed at the rehab center? Would I be allowed to take her outside?

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