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Thread: Update of friend

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    Update of friend

    I finally got to see my friend. All the information everyone gave me was very helpful. I did find out some of the information I was given was slightly wrong. The injury was C2 but it was not down to C6. I was very nervous when I went in to see her, but I wanted more than anything to talk to her and let her know that I am thinking about her. Her mom and sister were very helpful in helping me and some friends talk to her. I gave her family the information for acute SCI by wise young. They also have the name of this website, so hopefully they will visit soon. Thanks again to everyone who helped me. I will be back soon with updates and questions.

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    I sure appreciate the update. That was the hardest visit you'll have with your friend, it will get easier from here on out. The unknown is so scary. I was worried about you, but Dr. Wise Young said you'd visited and chatted. How bright you are to find this place so quickly! Thanks for passing the info on to your friend's family. You're a great friend. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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    betheny- you are such gift.

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    Thanks jody. You gave me goosebumps.

    C5/6 incomplete, injured Aug. 2000

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