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Thread: new to this forum, new to sci

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    new to this forum, new to sci

    Its been 3 months since since my accident. If that's what you want to call it, was at work one night, had intermittent numbness and tingling in my right leg. By 4a.m couldn't take it anymore so i left work (with the boss's permission) had a friend take me to the e.r . They took x-rays gave me a shot of demerol and sent me home.
    Girlfriend picked me up from the e.r got home and went to take a step and there was nothing. Needless to say fell down landed on right shoulder, shoulder took my full weight, not realizing i had a bulging disc in the t2-t4. Went back to e.r via ambulance they in turn flew me to the closest trauma center, they did an mri and a cat scan. Then came surgery, they did a discectomy and a laminectomy, not sure why the doc didn't fuse any of the vertabrae. spent 5 days in the hospital 4 of which were in the ICU.
    They shipped me off to rehab, which was 2 days before father's day and not my idea on the best way to spend my first father's day. I am glad our 5 month old is too young to remember that his dad wasn't around for 7 weeks. I am now though , back to rehab was 7 weeks of hell the only good thing was i had good upper body strength. spent a lot of time in my room thinking ( in between therapies) about how my life had suddenly taken a change, not sure if it was for the better or worse.
    While in rehab developed dvt in each leg below the knees. Was sent back to the hospital for tests while there i developed a bed sore only have myself to blame because i didn't push the nurses to keep rolling me from side to side. This is now the end of june, all through july i worked my butt off in therapy my sacral wound got worse. the whole time i was in rehab i kept spiking temps of 102f got up to 103f one night. My girlfriend (who is an icu nurse) kept saying it was the wound and the doc kept saying it was from the dvt.
    well was released on the 8th of aug. had surgery on the 11th to debride the wound spent the night in the hospital. ended up missing my appt for out patient rehab. Lost most of the month of aug. because they were booked up, lost a little of my upper body strength while waiting to start rehab. now its been 2 weeks in outpatient going 3 days a week for 2 hours a day. Not sure how much it's gonna help??????????
    As i sit here writing this thinking back to what happened i am very thankful for my girlfriend and my son who have been my driving force to get up every morning and push myself to do what needs to be done.

    live your life as if it was your last because you never know what can happen

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    welcome to the community, although it's not something any of us planned to be part of. i won't give you the "sorry to hear" part because it's my belief it happened, it happened for some reason which will be revealed it time, and dwelling on the why's and how's prevent progress. looks like you've taken the first steps. learn as much as you can, work your balls off, at it'll all come in time. patience will be a huge factor in keeping your head on straight. the fact that you have found your motivation to keep striving forward is great. keep that with you always and when the downtimes hit, kick'em in the sack and say get out of my way, i've got better things to deal with. embrace this new path in life with vigor and feed the strength in your heart. may the spirits move to higher and greater things.

    To lose hope is ceasing to live, without it we simply exist. Therefore challenge yourself regularly and go beyond stagnation.

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