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Thread: Resource for helping to set up fund raising

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    Resource for helping to set up fund raising

    This organization has added SCI to its assistance groups. They can set up donated funds for individuals with SCI for donations for equipment, home modifications, therapy or services not covered by insurance, and assure that this is done correctly to not interfere with SS or Medicaid eligibility. There is a small fee for the fund management (a percentage of the donated funds). To date they have assisted over 59 people with SCI.

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    This site is not working.

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    Butterfly, I am not sure why the link is not connecting. The URL address is correct. From Google, I get the following information about the site:

    National Transplant Assistance Fund - Home
    "Click Here to Enter". Headlines: April is "National Donate Life
    Month". Tommy G. Thompson, Secretary of the Department of Health ... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages



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    Not sure why their site is down. It was working last week when I posted this, and I just recently spoke with a member of this organization so I know they are not defunct.


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    The site is working now. Apparently it was just down temporarily.


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