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Thread: Brain and spinal cord injury

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    I meant to add, but I dont know how to go back and edit my post, to what Bethany said.
    I was aggressive when my sedatives would start to wear down. I'd pull out my tubes. They would have to strap my wrists to the bed and give me more sedatives.
    By the way I was kept sedated b/c I had a blood clot on the brain, so they wouldnt do my spinal fusion until that went down(which was 2-3 days later).

    I am in a support group with TBI and/or SCI people. I also still talk to some I went to rehab with (one being a TBI). It seems, this is how the explain it, they get frustrated and angry b/c they have difficulty communicated their emotions out or what they're trying to say out. They know what they are trying to say in their head but they cant project that out. Other certain things can set them off at times also.
    One parent described her sons "outbursts" at one meeting. The son is 23-27(cant remember, I just know he is around my age). He just seemed to go off one day out of the blue over nothing. He cursed his mom and continued to tell her how he hated her, how her husband hates her, how her parents hate her, and so on. It of course wasnt true, but that was his aggressive verbal behavior. Her reason for expressing her son's behavior to the group was "how should she handle it?" He has a brain injury and all but he needs to know what's inappropriate and what isnt...but would he comprehend during his moment of "rage"?

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    Thank you so much for your posts. As you know, the most difficult problems with brain injury are not the motor and sensory deficits but the cognitive, expressive, memory, and emotional deficits. These occur even with mild brain injury. Most of these problems can and will resolve over time but it may take years.

    Anger and aggressive behavior is a very common manifestation and outcome of brain injury. Taking care of outbursts and managing aggressive behavior without resorting to too much pharmacological sedation is a major challenge in the care of people with brain injuries. The quality of care of people with brain injuries vary across the board from very poor to very good.


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