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Thread: Question for Dr. Wise

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    mary, you had sent me the question on private topics and I answered it there. You need to go to your menu, under MySpace and select private topics. If you have any difficulties, post here and I will give more instructions. Wise.

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    DR. Wise,
    I have an app. with an ortho-surg at LSU in Shreveport LA. tomorrow and an app. with a neuro-surg Thurs that works with the DR I originally have told you about. I need to have a list of questions to ask. I have some but sometimes talking to DRs I can't speak their language. What in your opinion are the most technical ones I need to ask?

    Mary Sibley

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    DR Wise,
    I dropped you a note in the wrong place.I'm not sure if you got it. So, I will try again.I really need to learn how to use this web-site.
    I got the result of my mri and it said marked thoracolumbar scoliosis with hardware at t8-L2. Old compression fracture ofthe vertebral body of T10 is noted with mild retropulse encroaching the canal and there appears to be sibilance of the cord. Due to scoliosis these strustures are not in alignment.There is a slight disc bulging that appears to be located between T7-T8,.slightly encroaching the anterior epidural space. Can you tell me what all this means and what kind of trouble this can cause me. I don't know what to ask or how to talk to this neuro-surg. He said that he didnot mind going in after the orto got through but didnot want to make things worse. Said that it could tear the cord and did not know if it would do any good. Dr Wise I am on a mission for my life or a better quality of life. I use to be more active. I am getting an app. at LSU in Shreveport, LA. with neuro-surg. If you have any suggestions I would so appreciate it. Should I go to Dallas or am I over reacting? Could you tell me your oppion of phantom pain?
    Thank you, Mary

    Mary Sibley

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    mary, I answered your question on this topic in the Care Forum. Please look there for my answer. Thanks. Wise.

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