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Thread: Is Solu-medrol the same as Methylprednisolone

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    Is Solu-medrol the same as Methylprednisolone

    After reading some of these posts I've heard alot about Methylprednisolone and wondered if I received it after my injury.After searching through my hospital records I found that I was adminastered Sol-medrol.Is it the same. I'm c6 and have regained all my c7 and very little c8

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    Yes, it is the same. Solu-Medrol is a brand name for methylpredisolone.


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    bryon, you should have received Solumedrol (methylprednisolone) 30 mg/kg bolus followed by 5.4 mg/kg/hour for 23 hours. That is the standard recommended protocol for those people who can be treated within 3 hours after injury. For those who are treated between 3-8 hours after injury, they should receive the same initial dose followeding by 47 hours of the 5.4 mg/kg/hour. For people who cannot be treated within 8 hours after injury, the drug should not be given.


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