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Thread: Any SCI families in Alaska?

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    Any SCI families in Alaska?

    Somebody just wrote to me to ask about rehabilitation facilities and caregivers in Alaska. She would like to get a relative home. I did not know of any. I told her that it would be important to identify other families with spinal cord injury. Is anybody on this site from Alaska? Do they know of any facilities or caregivers? Thank you very much. Wise.

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    The Seattle VA SCI Center covers Alaska in their catchment area. I will ask RAB to review this and see if he has some contacts/suggestions.


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    Thanks very much. This is from the relative of a person who is being cared for in Seattle right now. They are hoping to take him back home to Alaska. Wise.

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    Wise, i know a quad who lives in Alaska, although I havent been in contact with him for a while now, I have his contact details. I doubt he would mind if I passed on his email addy privately.

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    RAB here.

    I know quite a large number of people with SCI living in Alaska. But I am not aware of full service acute rehabilitation centers in Alaska. I know of one nursing home that has received a few SCI folks for care. I believe it is the Providence center near Anchorage.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.

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