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Thread: adjustable angle f/plate

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    adjustable angle f/plate

    seems only way to allow heels to contact my
    footpate is to angle it higher in back so my
    toes are lower down than heel.
    tried raising whole plate higher but doesn't
    work,(knees already above hip level)
    mayby heel cords contracted?
    anyone have footplate slope fwd

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    Your feet should be supported in a neutral position, which is at a 90 degree angle to your lower leg. Positioning in a toes-down position will lead to foot drop, and will often trigger increased clonus and spasticity. It can also allow your feet to come off the pedals, ending up under your chair or casters and causing injury.

    If your feet will not bend to 90 degrees or less, you probably have contractures and need a good stretching program. Standing with wedges is a good way to do this.


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    My left heel cord is a bit tight. So this last power chair I ordered special footrests that are at about a 5% tilt down in the rear. Helps tons on the tight cord but getting the foot pedals the right size so I quit cutting up wall board has been a problem.

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    Hey,i think i finally "get it",this helps my
    spasticity in legs,more stability in chair,and also reduces pressure on my rear.using about 5% tilt down,had been about 15% tilt up!
    y'know thats probably why my skin prob before too.i feel a bit dumb but am glad i asked!!
    Thankyou KL and Sue.

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