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Thread: Constipation and Spinal Cord Injury

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    Constipation and Spinal Cord Injury

    Hi Friends,
    I am new to this forum, but i hope that this doesn't matter. Actually friends i want to know your views about constipation and spinal cord injury. I am a paraplegic since july 1997, but last year after my rehabilitation i was able to manage my bowels very well. i have to stimulate my anal opening to clear the bowels. Due to this stimulation the anal opening is slightly torn towards back. But since few weeks i am having constipation. Due to this constipation i have to stimulate it more vogourously but it is not working as before, and the condition of anal opening is further worsening as i also lubricate my finger before stimulating it. Actually the opening gets tightened due to spasms when bowels start descending and therefore it is unable to come out, therefore i have to relax the muscles and keep them open with my fingers to clear it. I am trying lot many ways such as i take cremafin daily very little dose to loose the bowels, also i take extra fibres but still i am not feeling comfortable.
    Please help me what should i do ?
    I would love if you people mail me directly i.e., considering me as your friend. Anyway i am a web designer and if you need any sort of help from me regarding web designing, it will be of great honour to me.


    Dawinder Sehdev

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    Question moved

    Have moved your question over to the more appropriate Care forum:

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