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I found this site while looking for resources for a friend. My 22 year old son's best friend, (also 22), was injured in a car accident 3/29/03.He shattered T4 and T5 and is considered to have a diagnosis of T5 incomplete, I believe. Please correct me if my vernacular is incorrect. This is all very new to us. I have so many questions, I'm not sure where to start. I have always thought that the best teachers were those that had already been there so am looking to this forum for some guidance. I guess first and foremost I'd welcome some pearls of wisdom around the first few months after discharge from rehab. What should we look for, expect, demand,anticipate.
What I'm sensing is:
a) he is depressed, duh!
b) his friends are talking about when he get's "better"
c) his bio family seems numb
d) aftercare programs seem to be non-existent
e) any sort of clinical trial or wellness therapy requires at least a 12 month post injury time lag
Any info. shared would be most appreciated!
Thanks for being here!

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