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Thread: 16 yr. old girl w/injury in Dec.

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    16 yr. old girl w/injury in Dec.

    My friend's daughter was in a car accident early in Dec. 2002. Her SCI was at C7/T1. Mom has been taking care of her on her own until last week, when daughter entered a local rehab facility. Daughter has been calling Mom repeatedly crying, c/o not being cared for properly. Their home is about 1 hour's drive from me. Is there any suggestions for how to know if this is a good facility for promoting independence or how to find one that does? Daughter has been extremely dependent on Mom.

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    Nutribeat, let us know where your friend's daughter is and if somebody has any experience with them, we can let you know.


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    How old is the daughter? If she is under 16 she should be in a specialized pediatric rehabilitation program.

    Is this center a specialty SCI center or a general rehabilitation center? Is is CARF accredited ( specifically for SCI rehab? Is it a SCI Model Systems Center?

    You also have to keep in mind that this may not reflect poor care, but the girl being homesick and not used to the expectations for responsiblity placed on patients in most rehabilitation centers, including doing care for herself that she is able to do. Teens especially have problems with this if they have had little previous experience with being away from home in a group living situation or have not had much responsibility (such as a job, etc.)

    Your friend should call the social worker or case manager for her daughter and let them know what is going on, and discuss their perceptions of the situation.


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    A grown person in a good rehab can feel pretty abused and neglected. Just my experience. It's such a helpless feeling.

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    Bethany, thanks, I'm sure what you say is true!
    KLD and Steven, I feel a little uncomfortable giving too much detail. My friend doesn't know I've posted here. I'm pretty sure the place her daughter is at is not specifically for kids. She is 16. I would like to find out something positive to tell to my friend, since she's not getting much help anywhere else. I think they need some real long term guidance. She is living in a very small town. I am a student, and don't have much time to see her as I live an hour away. If you know of anything in the eastern Indiana, southern or central Ohio area, please let me know. Of course, money is an issue. (Is it ever not?) I certainly don't feel my opinion is of any value to them since I have no background in this area! It just seems to me there ought to be someone out there who can help give them direction. It sounds like the doctors and nurses they've been working with are in over their heads.

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    Here is something to read about CARF accreditation:

    Any program that is a good rehab program will tell you if they are CARF accredited (and if they claim to be and are not, CARF will go after them legally).

    Tell your friend that you are concerned about the situation and print out some of what you found on the internet for her. It is up to her to either accept the information or reject it, and her decision, but you will feel better if you offer it.

    It is worth the extra effort to get this girl into a good quality program. You only get one shot at comprehensive rehabilitation, and good programs rarely cost any more than the lousy ones.

    An excellent resource for children are the Shriners' Childrens Hopsitals with SCI centers. If money is a problem, most of the care may be provided for free. Your local Shriners' Temple can provide information, or you can get more information here:


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    I was injured 22 years ago when I was 18 years old.
    If this girl would like to talk to someone who has been there - to ask personal questions and vent some frustration, please e-mail me and I will be happy to give her my phone number. She can even call collect.

    Being in a small town, she may not have any other SCI women to talk to.

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    Thanks, Jan and KLD. I am going to call my friend and tell her what I've learned here.

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