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Thread: FREE power wheelchair controls - C4 Quad

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    FREE power wheelchair controls - C4 Quad

    Hello all!
    I have some very expensiive wc parts I would like to give away since I no longer need them. What I have is an ASL head array. It allows a person to drive a chair using head motion. There are 3 buttons in a headrest that allow you to drive forward/reverse and turn. It is a grate alternative to sip and puff.
    My chair is a second generation Ranger X made by Invacare. I have all of the secondarY electronics needed if you get that brand. This includes the tilt control and main control display.
    I would like for a newly injured person with little/no insurance to benefit from this. If you know someone, please contact me at . I will post a picture soon. I will also have part numbers to give to the wc vendor/ therapist at your hospital.
    The ASL head array should work with any make wc.

    I also have a set of ottobach (sp?) armrests. They are very adjustable, large armrests meant for someone w/o arm motion.
    Feel free to contact me with any questions, or ask you rehab hospital.


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    and locking it here. Will delete here in a day or two.


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