Three hundred and sixty four days ago I would have made that last walk with my three year old son and my dog last just a half hour more. I would have let the hot water from that last shower standing up run just a little longer. I would have danced a few more dances that night with my wife. I would have made one more trip over to the new house just to see what the upstairs bedrooms looked like now that the carpet was in. I would have drove my new truck just one more time. These few things I would have done if only I would have know that they would be the last time that I would do them in the months and years to come. Oh a for sure you can bet I would have stayed away from the garbage dump the next day. It will be a year on Sunday sense the fall. A year that has seen so many things changes. My job is in limbo my family is 1200 miles away as I attend a program to walk in braces and canes. I missed my son's fourth birthday. I will miss my second fathers day with my family at home. Who would have thought that a cardboard box would be such a life changing event. I struggle still to hold back the tears when I let my mind wonder back to some of the old days and most of the time I just give in and let them out. I am getting better and I will walk with braces and canes in the near future. Thanks to all of you here who have offered help and understanding these last eight months. I can only hope and pray that all of soon will be able to do the things that we miss the most someday soon