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Thread: How soon can a T4-7 begin weight supported treadmill

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    How soon can a T4-7 begin weight supported treadmill

    A friend has a cervical injury stabilized with a halo and a 74-T7 injury decompressed yesterday April 14th. I guess he will get a turtle shell - How long will it be before he can expect to try the weight supported treadmill walking. He is a physical therapist.

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    Of course he will need to be out of the ICU and med-surg unit and into rehab to start doing this. As long as his physician approves it, weight supported training can be started at any time if they have the equipment and staff to do it. Unfortunately many insurances do not cover this type of training unless the person's injury is very incomplete, so many acute rehab programs cannot provide the equipment or spare the time allotted due to the pressure from insurance companies to drastically limit the length of stay. With an injury like his, a 20 day length of stay in rehab is now the norm, and there are many other skills to learn. He may want to focus instead on learning the self care skills he needs and finding an outpatient program in supported ambulation that he can start after discharge.


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    Copied this over from another thread started on the same topic/person:

    the mom
    posted 04-15-03 05:30 PM

    He is unable to move his legs from the t4-7 injury, but has his arms and hands and at the very least has feeling from the bottom of his rib cage.

    I will delete the other post.


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