View Poll Results: How many people were "incomplete" shortly after injury are now walking?

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  • I am incomplete and walking (>1 year after injury)

    81 30.45%
  • I am incomplete and walking (≤1 year after injury)

    78 29.32%
  • I am incomplete but not walking (>1 year after injury)

    55 20.68%
  • I am incomplete but not walking (≤1 year after injury)

    46 17.29%
  • I had a "complete" spinal cord injury and recovered walking.

    6 2.26%
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Thread: How many people are "walking quads"?

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    had a silent heart attack and fell off of a ladder and tried to see if I could touch my head to my butt. nope I can't.. I did learn that nose dives hurt less in water than on cement..
    I had a lamenectomy of C3-C6 and ended up being C5/C6 incomplete and functioning at a C6 level. I walk about 200ft with the use of a quad cane. I have 70% return of left side and 30% return on right side I have drop foot and have use of thumbs, index fingers and middle fingers. 30lbs of grip with left hand and 10lbs grip in right hand. I started walking three weeks after my fall. I have other issues but that is for later.

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    walking poll

    Call me stupid, but what is "gt" and "lt" ?

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    C5-7 Incomplete but I don't walk. I think that if I could get qualified therapy, I would be a hellva lot closer to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeanutsLucy
    Call me stupid, but what is "gt" and "lt" ?
    I believe there used to be symbols there...

    gt= greater than
    lt= less than
    L-1 inc 11/24/03

    "My Give-a-Damn's Busted"......

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    Got it. Thanks.

    In that case, my son is a walking para (L1 incomplete) but told his chances for recovery were not good. In fact, we were told he would face "severe mobility issues" for his entire life.

    He started walking with KAFOs in the parallel bars about 6 weeks out. At 11 months, he's using forearm crutches and AFOs and can steadily walk about a half mile (he did a mile two weeks ago -- yippie!).

    Though, he doesn't have much use of the muscles that control balance. Therefore, his abilities don't transfer well to places like to mall or mega-stores because most shoppers are too self-absorbed to even think there might be a disabled person in their path and I worry about him getting bumped and falling.

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    C6C7 WAS asia a now c but no leg movement just muscles firing . they told me at shephards they thought i would get a lot back wrong and i have tryed
    but..... i am just sick and tired of feeling bad all the time. i usedto be so damn strong never sick but i am a wuss now

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    Depends what is meant by "walking"
    Walking in the physio gym but not functionally walking away from it.
    I answered not walking.
    I look forward to coming back in a few months to change my answer though.

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    I edited the poll.. It was a very old poll from 2003 and it was mistranslated. I edited it to place the correct ≤ and > symbols, as well as the question of the poll.

    Alex, at the time of the poll, I left the definition of walking and "incomplete" to the person answering the poll. In retrospect, I probably should have emphasized the ASIA (American Spinal Injury Association) definition of "incomplete", i.e. presence of anal sensation and voluntary anal sphincter contraction. I probably should have emphasized walking by oneself without another person's assistance but using muscles of the legs with the use of canes, crutches, walkers, and braces.


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    T11 incomplete ASIA C possible LMI

    Son - Sean Age 6 2 years post on the 7th Feb. Not walking but working hard on standing without braces. Just finished 4 month programme Gait Training with the Kids Step Research project in the University of Florida.

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    I am 11 mths post but not walking yet. I am c4/5 asia c, incomplete. I have a good amount of movement in my left leg and foot. Can only move little toe on right side, however I have a pt evaluation Feb 12 to determine if I am a good candidate for the neurorecovery network program at Shepherds to help me walk again.

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