View Poll Results: How many people were "incomplete" shortly after injury are now walking?

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  • I am incomplete and walking (>1 year after injury)

    81 30.45%
  • I am incomplete and walking (≤1 year after injury)

    78 29.32%
  • I am incomplete but not walking (>1 year after injury)

    55 20.68%
  • I am incomplete but not walking (≤1 year after injury)

    46 17.29%
  • I had a "complete" spinal cord injury and recovered walking.

    6 2.26%
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Thread: How many people are "walking quads"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pgilstrap View Post
    Recent C-7 (Oct. 13 2012)
    2 months ER/ICU then 20 days rehab. But 50 lbs. lighter mostly muscle tone, just didn't get much out of it. Now 4 1/2 months arms are getting stronger (still crappy forearm but tricept working luckily) forcing stomach or trunk to wake up currently...
    Now feeling comes and goes stomach and legs. B&B getting better.
    My question is it seems my muscles are awake and functioning to the point of cramping at times. My legs have a lot of movement, they bend and now have lifted a couple of times. I can also make them twitch while I am sitting in my chair. As I flex the muscles in my legs I can feel it but not see it only the twiching. Is it just in my head?
    Can you stand with or without help?

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    Have not had the the chance or trust yet. I didn't even know it was tried so early. I would try it, I just thought (from reading) wiggling toes then moving legs meant brain and muscles were working together? Then time to stand up or at least try.

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    I am an incomplete C6 injury and could walk with the ad of a walker or arm crutches. I don't use braces at all. I'm 4 years post injury now?
    keep your head up!

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    Epidural hematoma .Complete T4 paraplegic -no sensation, motor nor reflexes below that level.Absent anal wink.
    The paralysis happened at 4 am by 1pm I was being wheeled into theatre at the spinal hospital.
    48 hours later I could move my big toes.Within a week I had normal sensation up to about T11 dermatome .Above that level its always felt strange.
    After 2 months and lots of physio I could hobble home.By a year walking and running.Bowels reasonable in the sense I don't need intervention but I do have sensation and ability to predict with about 5 minutes notice.
    Bladder is spastic and I have a suprapubic in now due to interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome.
    I still count myself very lucky.

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    Sorry,just realised title of thread was " walking quads". Got distracted reading the posts.

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    Almost my 1 year of my injury

    I am a c4 incomplete. I can walk, have slight hitch from some weakness in the right leg. have walked up to 4 miles at a time unassisted. Majority of injury is in my right shoulder, I have mild hand and lower arm movement but cant lift my arm.

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