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Thread: treatment for child with new SCI?

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    Acid, did you drop something recently or is this permanent damage?

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    Oh, KLD, that's a slippery slope many of us have tried to scale...

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    I found some wisdom in this post from Acid..
    I tried to delete the confusing parts of the
    post, or at least the ones that were confusing to me..And found this.

    as soon as the stomach is ready for food again, aminoacids.
    (Amounts over the next days or a longer time being self-regulated by the person.)

    first let primary healings take place

    With a psychologist
    Some might just get a person to sort of dig up problems, then not offer advice expect the person to find internal solutions.
    However if the person does not find internal solutions, the person is left with the dug up problems, and maybe higher emotional strains than before.

    With various mental problems it might be far more effective, to talk about these with a person who had similar problems

    With a child I might also wonder, if recovery chances might not be much better than with for example an old person.

    With general treatments I assume individual aspects are quite relevant.

    And within an individual there might be quite some differences.

    There are drugs that are bad for the kidneys. Some are bad for the liver.
    Various effect the heart.
    I also heard of a drug able to reduce growth of a child, the number of white and red blood cells, hightening cancer and epilepsy risk, etc.

    Quite a number of drugs also influence emotions

    Many drugs also cause too much or too little of transmitters in a synapse.

    a number of drugs can also cause addiction.)

    A ten year old, for example, might be bright enough to be involved in decisions.

    As a drug might do harm to the kidneys, receptor molecule levels, or/and various other systems

    honestly informed about the harms this drug can do.

    "side" effects, that might be potential main effects.

    To mess around with drugs in this major change of systems from childhood to adult settings, seems not generally the wisest idea under the sky.

    So my question might be more is this drug avoidable.
    Does it really cure primary problems?

    (Another question might be the length. For example with a pain killer
    Taking a drug once seems less likely to cause receptor molecule numbers warps, than day after day.

    After it started to effect receptor molecule levels, even taking more of the drug might have less of the effects

    organ and cells health, the bad effects, with higher dosages might increase.

    time of noticing the problems, it might be already so late, that serious damages were already done. As with the kidneys.

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