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Thread: New article about acute spinal cord injury - feedback would be very welcome

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    Very indepth and comprehensive. An excellent reference guide for old and new injuries.

    Jeff, Dr. Young, I'm on a Mac too and this forum is off center for me as well as was the Legislative forum until recently.

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    Helpful Article

    I thought your article was an excellent overview and you crammed a great deal of info into it without it becoming too overwhelming. On my computer, apostrophes and quotes aren't reading correctly.

    The article was particularly helpful because my family is arguing with workman's comp right now about trying to get my father to a rehab facility better equipped to deal with his level of injury. He's C3 since Dec 26th of 2002 and the little local hospital isn't the best at this sort of thing but workman's comp doesn't want to fund sending him elsewhere.

    I used some of your statements (credited you too!) in a series of letters I've sent to them. Don't know if it'll help but at least I've tried.

    Thanks for your efforts on behalf of this group.e

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    ijan01 and others, thanks. I have updated the article and hopefully some of the html coding problems are gone and the page should be showing up properly. Wise.

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    A great and informative article, Wise. I emailed my suggested changes to you.


    "And so it begins."

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    Dr. Young, your article is very educational ! I learned a lot. I'm 31 years post C6 incomplete and I often wonder what kind of return I may have had if methylprednisolone was available in 1972 when I was injured.


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    Wise - I have just finished reading your new post on this new forum. You have put a complex subject/injury into terms that are understandable for those who need it most. As has been noted, most importantly, you have presented this so that the newly injured family can find reason for hope. The "negative, done-deal and no words to offer realistic hope" is what we hear daily from the people that call the NSCIA Resource Center, when there is a person with a new SCI in the family. I am asking our staff to read this article, bookmark it and refer our callers to it. Thanks so much! CRF

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    well done.

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    my suggestion-dr young

    in the early stages friends and family are asking what they can do to help, maybe a reference as to how to get politically involved. like calling or writing thier politicians for funding like the crpa. as we all know, people trying to help are in the greatest numbers shortly after the injury so a suggestion to try this, may be the best time. bob

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    Handibob, good idea... I am not sure that I am the best person to write such an article. Wise.

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