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Thread: New article about acute spinal cord injury - feedback would be very welcome

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    New article about acute spinal cord injury - feedback would be very welcome

    I just wrote an article for this forum, about acute spinal cord injury. I tried to distill into this article the most frequently asked questions and answers that I have given to people. It would be great if people took a look at it and told me whether they agree or disagreed with what it says, typos, etc. Thanks very much.

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    Wise , i think it is good and seems to cover the questions i remember having following my injury .

    thank you

    every day i wake up is a good one .

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    Your article is excellent! I wish this had been available to our family 17 months ago when our daughter was injured. This answered some of the questions I still didn't know the answers to. Thank you very much for writing such an in-depth article. I know it will be extremely helpful to families of new injuries.

    I'm not sure if it is just my old computer but it showed a lot of 'code words' or whatever they might be, such as (endif), etc. throughout the article. I was going to print it off, but I thought I would wait to see if those 'codes' disappear.

    Thank you again for your complete dedication to helping those with spinal cord injuries.


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    thank you much doc

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    I also see a lot of HTML code on the page when I go to this using my work computer (Windows 2000). Will try at home on my Mac. Using my Mac, all the threads on this forum are way off the page to the right, unlike the other forums.

    We also need to add a link for this forum to the first/home page of Care/Cure. Are we going to add the word "New" to the title of the forum as suggested?

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    Dr. Y-
    I love this article (Punctuation info, etc., needs fixed.) It answers the questions people have in terms they can understand. What I have always felt most important is not to remove hope too soon, and I think the info here is positive without offering false hope. I'd been hurt a week before I ever heard the term "incomplete". I wish this info re emergency treatment could go to every ER in the world. Thanks for all you do-Betheny

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    Dr. Young,
    Thanks for the article. I'm going to print it out and take it to my husband's rehab center. He was injured (C5-C/6 incomplete) just five months ago. All I heard at the beginning was that he was going to paralyzed for the rest of his life and we had to learn to live with it. No one gave us any hope of him ever recovering.
    I wish that I had had this info in the beginning. WE have learned not to listen to most of the doctors and therapists, if we had, he would not be standing today. WE are working slowly towards ambulation.
    Thanks for the article. It is the most positive one that I have read.

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    Thanks, everybody. I will work on the punctuation and the html coding so that it would appear properly. The reason is that I have been using a rented computer and don't have all the programs that I normally use to create html pages.

    KLD, try the forum again. I have looked at it with Netscape, Explorer, and Safari. It seems to be okay for me.


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    Nice!, I think that is just enough info to keep their hopes up. I know if I would have found this place sooner I would have had alot better care. I will print this out to hand to people who dont understand and want to learn more. Thank you Dr. Young.

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    Wow! Great information.

    Not only for sci sufferers but quite possibly for those who control a major portion of the purse strings and policy - gov't.

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