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Thread: New article about acute spinal cord injury - feedback would be very welcome

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    harrison twp. mi

    maybe leo or patricia wise

    from the legislation forum could do it, i'd like to help but my typing skills are less than poor. bob

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    Dr. Young,

    Thank you for an excellent article. I can only echo the thoughts of everyone else in this thread. It was months after my injury before I really understood what was going on. Your article would have helped immensely back in those early days.

    I like the idea of printing this article and distributing it to local trauma centers and ERs. I think it could help new SCI patients as well as help train the medical staff. Dr. Young, do you mind if I take copies of this to the hospital where I was originally treated?

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    Brian, I put a pdf file of the article on the main site that should print out with page breaks. Sure, no problem with distributing it. I will be continuing to update it with comments and suggestions from people. Wise.

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    Dr. Young, the article is very good. And the phrase " recovery is the rule and not an exception after spinal cord injury" is just wonderfull and makes me very happy.

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    Christiane, thanks. I just edited the article a little and also added a pdf file of the article for those who may want to download the file. Wise.

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    Thanks Dr. Young for taking the time to write such an insightful article. The time following the onset of a SCI is one filled with endless questions and concerns, and not always are the answers easily accessible. Thank you for providing a resource making them so.

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