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Thread: WIND!

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    strange one

    I used to have quite a bit of gas before injury. Now I almost NEVER EVER do. In fact if I do it is usually a sign to get on the can cause diarrhea is coming.

    Anyone else have significantly less gas after injury than before? Is this gas "eating me up" inside?

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    While I have heard of Beano I know of no one who takes it. As mentioned previously, I would use antiflatulants on a temporary basis only for those terrible gassy times. It may interfere with your routine bowel regime. PLG

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    I have some Beano kicking around...

    but I've never tried it. I brought it to the Philippines to take before my wedding. Then I forgot to take it. Still haven't tried it. I always just seem to eat now and deal with gas later. My wife asked me what it was a couple months ago. When I told her it was to prevent utot [Visayan for "fart"], she laughed out loud. Is it really that funny?

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    I have a number of clients who use Beano and find it quite helpful. There is no reason to limit the use of this enzyme to short term.

    I also have several clients who take medicinal charcoal capsules and find this helps with excess gas.

    Simethicone works best for stomach gas, and less well for bowel gas.


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    Heres a great idea for you

    I have also heard there is a company that makes Carbon activated underpants called "Fart Pants". Technology, gotta love it, lol.

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    Filter underwear

    From a post over at NM:


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    This series of postings qualify for the top ten most funny on the forum.

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    I agree Wise!

    And to keep up with the bizarre questions, what is the difference between bowel gas and stomach gas?

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    Tikit, it cannot be you passing the gas. Women simply do not fart.

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    Your right Dr. Young

    I haven't laughed this loud in quite sometime.


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